A number of inconsistencies in the German church records make it difficult to precisely place Melchior Brombach with the correct family. There appear to be at least three Melchior Brombachs mentioned in the Siegen church records and in the city archives. Two were fined for leaving Nassau-Siegen without permission. These fines were actually levied against any inheritance that might have been due to either of the two Melchior Brombachs upon the deaths of their parents.

According to the affidavit requesting his head rignts filed by Melchior Brombach/Brumback on June 2, 1724, he and his wife Elizabeth had arrived in 1714. From a deed recorded in Prince William County, Virginia, on July 28, 1746, it can be determined that Melchior and Elizabeth had four daughters: Elizabeth who married Stephen Hatzenbiller (Hotzinpiller and other variant spellings), Mary Gertrude who married Jacob Neuschwanger, Catherine who married Christopher Windle, and Agnes who married Henry Utterback.