Traditional stories state that Philipp Fischbach, father of Johannes Fischbach/Fishback and Hermann Fischbach/Fishback, arrived in the Virginia Colony in April 1714 with his wife Elsbeth Heimbach; however, there is no evidence that either one ever arrived.

Johannes was born July 12, 1691 at Trupbach near present day Siegen, Germany, and his brother, Hermann, was born either March 21 or May 21, 1693 according to different sources. The original record will need to be consulted to see which month is correct.

Johannes and Hermann Fischbach did indeed arrive in the Virginia Colony in April, 1714. Some authors state that Johannes/John was already married when he arrived because he named his wife in his affidavit for head rights. It isn't certain that he was married before his arrival or that his future wife was traveling with her parents. Either way, she would have arrived in 1714. From the will of the Rev. Henry Häger it can be determined that John's first wife was Agnes Häger.

John was a naturalized citizen by 1724 when he, Jacob Holtzclaw, and John Hoffman were granted the 1805+ acres for the First Colony community which was called Germantown and located on Licking Run in present day Fauquier County, Virginia. It isn't known at this time where or when he was naturalized.