Johann Henrich Häger, son of Henrich and Guda Häger, was born 1644 in Antzhausen in the Catholic part of Nassau-Siegen and was baptized August 27, 1744 at Netphen. He became a teacher in Siegen in 1678 and married Anna Catharine Friesenhagen on December 3 the same year in Siegen. Born at Freudenberg May 24, 1663, she was almost 20 years younger than her husband.

Häger remained as a teacher until 1689 when he was promoted to Conrector of the school. In 1703 he was appointed as the pastor at Oberfischbach. On April 3, 1711, Häger received permission to retire due to poor health, but in 1713 he and his family left Oberfischbach during the night. It isn't known if he planned to come to Virginia, to join his son in New York, or to move to another area of Germany. His successor, Rev. Georg Frederick Knabeschuch, wrote to their supervisor, Rev. J. Daniel Eberhardi, that Häger planned to move to the Land Berg and had left in the night.  Perhaps Häger had spoken with Knabeschuch about going to the Land Berg.