Hans Jacob Richter was baptized the 19th Sunday after Trinity in 1674 which would have been September 30, 1674, since Trinity Sunday had been observed on May 20. He married Elisabeth, daughter of Philipp Fischbach, on January 17, 1711 at Trupbach. Their first child, Johannes, was born there December 1, 1711.

Richter served as an elder of the German Reformed Church at Germantown in the Virginia Colony and signed the petition in 1719 requesting aid from the churches in Germany to help in the building of a church at Germantown. Germantown no longer exists, but was located in present day Fauquier County, Virginia, at what is now a county park, Crockett Park.

Jacob "Rickart" gave his affidavit requesting land as a head right and named his wife Elisabeth and son John as arriving with him in April 1714.